Tyme Hair Styling Tool For Women

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Almost everyone has hairs, the hair can not only protect the scalp, and also modify your face.Hairstyle can lead fashion.What type of hair style do you like?Short hair, curly hair, perm, straight hair…,now you just need tyme hair styling tool help you realize all hairstyles.

The TYME Iron is an all-purpose hair styling tool that can be used as hair straightening and hair curling device. This means that instead of buying hair iron and hair curler, you just buy the TYME Iron and do whatever you want with your hair.

Professional styling tool with gold-plated titanium plates for optimal results.Heats to a consistent and steady 400 degrees, with a rotating swivel cord for ease of use. Create any hairstyle in minutes, from loose beach waves to tight ringlet curls and anything in-between!

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