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        Create a new situation for China's machinery industry to open to the outside world

        This newspaper was held yesterday by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the National Machinery Industry International Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation Promotion Conference hosted by the Anyang Municipal People's Government was held at the Wanda Realm Hotel in Anyang. Nearly 300 people from the machinery industry professional associations, CCPITs, local industry associations, machinery industry representatives and the heads of machinery industry enterprises in the city gathered in the ancient capital of Anyang to study and discuss the development strategy of the machinery industry “going out” and discuss the machinery manufacturing enterprises. Cooperation and development plan. Wang Ruixiang, president of China Machinery Industry Federation, executive vice presidents Yu Qingyi, Song Xiaogang, city leaders Ding Wei, Gai Zhaoju, and Du Xinjun attended the meeting.
        Wang Ruixiang made a keynote speech at the conference entitled "Promoting International Production Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation to Create a New Situation for the Opening of the Machinery Industry to the Outside World". In the report, Wang Ruixiang thoroughly analyzed the new characteristics of the world economy and manufacturing pattern, and analyzed the new challenges faced by the internationalization process of China's machinery industry and the important role of the machinery industry in promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation. The China Machinery Industry Federation and 14 Machinery Industry Associations further unify their thinking, raise awareness, and take the initiative to win development initiative; maintain a determined and calm response, and comprehensively grasp the principle requirements of “going out” and international capacity cooperation; We will make steady progress and make efforts to put the “going out” and international capacity cooperation strategic layout in place; seize the opportunity and take advantage of the trend, create a new situation of “going out” and international capacity cooperation; integrate resources and give play to advantages, and contribute to the international production capacity of the machinery industry. Equipment manufacturing cooperation provides services. Wang Ruixiang emphasized that let us stand at the new historical starting point, take the spirit of the 18th Party Congress as the guide, adhere to the reform and opening up, and strive to promote international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, and create a new situation for the opening up of the machinery industry, and build a mechanical powerhouse. Strive to achieve the grand goal of "two hundred years" in China.
        Wang Ruixiang said that Anyang has a unique location advantage and great development potential. It is hoped that the delegates will pay more attention to and pay attention to Anyang, actively participate in the economic and social development of Anyang, and make positive contributions to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Anyang's machinery industry.
        In his speech, Ding Wei, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, expressed warm welcome to the people of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the people of the city, and expressed sincere gratitude to everyone for their long-term support and assistance to Anyang. He said that Anyang is located in the northernmost part of Henan Province, adjacent to Hebei and Shanxi provinces, with a total area of ??5,599 square kilometers and a population of 4.43 million. Anyang has a long history and splendid culture. It is one of the early Chinese civilization centers, one of China's eight ancient capitals, and a national historical and cultural city. Anyang has convenient transportation and obvious regional advantages. It is a regional comprehensive transportation hub city determined by the state and is a regional area of ??the Central Plains Economic Zone. One of the logistics hubs is the main node of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Central Plains Economic Zone and the Bohai Economic Zone. It has unique transportation location advantages. Anyang Airport is about to start construction, Anyang dry port and railway port are actively promoted, and a modern three-dimensional transportation hub integrating railway, highway, aviation and water transportation has taken shape. Anyang is an important industrial base in Henan Province. After years of development and accumulation, it has initially formed four leading industries of metallurgical building materials, equipment manufacturing, coal chemical, food and medicine, and industrial systems of textile, garment, electronic information and new energy. Angang Group, Shagang Yongxing, Linzhou Heavy Machinery, Xinsheng Machine Tool, Anyang Forging and other key enterprises, promoted steel deep processing of a billion-dollar industrial cluster and equipment manufacturing, coal chemical, auto parts, food and medicine, The ceramic processing five tens of billions of characteristic industrial clusters, all incorporated into the province's industrial cluster cultivation project, the development of machinery industry and equipment manufacturing industry has a good industrial supporting capacity and human resources advantages. Anyang is an open city and a city that respects labor and respects creation. In recent years, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have focused on building a new industrial city based on the advanced manufacturing industry in the construction of the regional center of the Central Plains Economic Zone, and have always focused on attracting investment as an active undertaking to transfer industries and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. An important grasper has successively introduced a series of major measures for attracting preferential policies and serving merchants. It has created a good investment environment, legal environment and human environment in the city. A large number of outstanding enterprises have invested in Anyang.
        Ding Wei said that the conference was held in Anyang. It is not only the love of the China Machinery Industry Federation, but also a major opportunity to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of the city and promote the development of the equipment manufacturing industry to the middle and high-end. It will definitely promote China. The development of the manufacturing industry and the promotion of the city's accelerated industrial transformation and the creation of an economic upgrade version are of great significance. At the same time, the conference provided us with an opportunity to learn from and exchange with experts. It is also an opportunity to attract investment and project docking. We sincerely invite everyone to take a walk in Anyang, take a look, strengthen communication, find cooperation opportunities, and achieve win-win development.
        At the meeting, experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce thoroughly interpreted the "Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Promoting International Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation", analyzed the risks of overseas business activities, and the representatives of the enterprises also made exchange speeches.
        Also, yesterday afternoon, the National Machinery Industry International Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation Promotion Conference held an Anyang City Market Description and Project Promotion Conference. Wang Xinwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, made a description of the market situation at the meeting and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the Anyang Municipal Government and the China Machinery Industry Federation. Vice Mayor Du Xinjun presided over the promotion meeting.
        According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on the country's reform and opening up and industrial transformation and upgrading, based on their respective advantages, strengthen collaboration, work together to build a group of equipment manufacturing sub-sector industrial clusters with core competitiveness, and build a number of key demonstration zones for equipment manufacturing to jointly promote Demonstration projects such as key laboratories, engineering research centers, and innovation exhibition centers will build Anyang City into a gathering area for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Henan Province and even Bohai Sea, and make positive contributions to the national industrial transformation and upgrading.


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